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Specializing in PHP and VueJS. On the backend, proficient in Laravel and VuetifyJS & TailWind CSS on the frontend. These frameworks provide rapid reliable develop and quick prototyping.

Expert with Autotask's API and a handful of others I am not at liberty to public announce.


Here are some projects I've worked on:

  • Sales Prospecting Application
    Internal3rd Party SOAP API
    Simplified and guided interface on top of an external CRM for an inside sales department. Prior, the Autotask - CRM application was primarily a service deliver tool with not as much focus on the sales cycle. Users would often have many windows open with various data to find the information they needed.
    Single view at company and contact information with auto-pulling of activity in a chronological & searchable timeline, summary of activity points, click to dial, update / add company & contact information, integration with another internal software for additional contacts / leads, click to copy email, click to open company and contact information. Allows new employees to get up and running fast. Existing users are able to process a greater amount of calls assigned to them while adding more and pertinent records (compared to native solution). After the call is complete, the call is dispositioned - closed and a follow up call is systematically generated until it is a passed as a lead.
    Top producers were able to process 40% more calls.
  • Semi-Automated Accounts Payable
    Internal3rd Party SQL DB
    Processor enters a limited amount of data and uploads invoice, data is analyzed againist business rules. If passes, the uploaded file is automatically stamped with pertinent information. If business rules fail, it is automatically dispatched to the employee who generated the purchase order for review. Employees can correct the purchase order to re-analyze through the business rules, manaually approve and stamp the uploaded invoice, or place in a dispute status. Notifications are sent when applicable during the process.
    Saves 10 - 15 minutes of processing time per invoice. Along other other benefits - centralized management, logging and real-time status of all invoices, email notifications, escalation processing, and standardize stamping format.
  • Nearest Employees
    Internal3rd Party SOAP APIGoogle Maps API
    From a physical address, a Google Maps API called to get the geolocation than is passed into a mathmatical calculation to determine a rough estimate of the nearest employee. The top 'x' amount (to limit unnecessary API calls) are passed to Google Maps API to get the driving distance and duration. The summary of the employee's travel time and physical location is mapped on a page with markers.
    Decreased the time to provide travel time (prior solution was manual), improved and reliability provided with feasible alternative solutions presented.
  • Deferred Revenue
    Internal3rd Party SQL DB
    Using data from a 3rd party SQL database, allowing the processor to review and correct data, as needed, in order to calculate deferred revenue for a period and add the appropriate journal entry. Data is show in a line graph and details are shown in a data table. Previous solution was a manual process within Excel and prone to human mistakes.
    Processing deferred revenue when from 6 hours to 1 hour, based on the quantity of data. Improved data accuracy by removing 99% of potential human errors - restricted what data can be modified.
  • Semi-Automate ACH Payments
    Internal3rd Party SQL DB
    Satisfying a feature not included in a native accounting application, connecting to a SQL database, extracts and presents data, to select whom, when & how much to pay, and generates a NACHA file. Email notifications are sent automatically to recipients with payment details. The processor uploads the NACHA file to our banking system and the payments automatically created. Safe guards put in place to not allow multiple processing.
    Prior solution would take 10 minutes per ACH payment to manually process and send email notification.

Who is Devin Hyden?

Full stack developer at Nationwide Power. Focusing on internal applications, tools, and system integrations while maintaining the network and servers.
Held many roles throughout his professional career, over 13 years, with a can do attitude; Full Stack Developer, VP of Operations at International IT firm, Network Engineer, Systems Administrator, and Depot Repair Technican.
Formally educated from Keller University in Network Communication with an emphasis in Security - receiving the Cuma Sum Laude distinction in graduate and undergraduate programs.

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